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The climbing area of Irakleitsa is located southeast the village Nea Irakleitsa in the region of Kavala, its walls are by the sea, very close to the village of Nea Peramos.

The distance of Nea Irakleitsa from the town of Kavala is 11Km and in the village one can find food supplies and clothing as well taverns, nightlife, etc. Nea Peramos offers similar facilities.

The first routes were climbed on 1982 because climbers previously used to prefer longer routes in the virgin cliffs of the mountains. On 1982, Alexandros Tsilogeorgis thought that the cliffs of Irakleitsa should be used by climbers for training, so with the help of the Greek Association of Climbing Clubs and a lot of local climbers, the first routes were bolted and climbed. Later on however, climbers opened routes more and more difficult and Irakleitsa evolved from a training ground to a complete climbing field for climbers not only from the area but from other towns as well.

Irakleitsa is characterized by good, solid and shapely limestone rock and there are many routes ranging from beginners' levels to high difficulty levels and from 35m to 110m. In general, they are equipped with bolts, but sets of nuts and flexible cams in a variety of sizes will be needed.

The climbing area is divided in three distinct sectors.

1st Sector ("KryfoPetalo")

The 1st Sector is the largest and most varied and can be approached by the seaside (where there is a sandy beach good for camping and swimming) via a dirt road starting from Nea Irakleitsa, or from a road starting from the rubbish dump. To reach the rubbish dump we take the main road to Nea Peramos and turn left to a dirt road after the gas station.

2nd Sector ("Kokkina")

The 2nd Sector is a 10min walk from the rubbish dump on a path towards the sea. The wall of this area are the most impressive and have the most difficult routes. Camping is not recommended here, as an access from the 1st Sector is easy.

3rd Sector ("Donti")

The 3rd Sector is a 5min walk from the rubbish dump situated on a lonely, touth shaped rock and its routes are ideal for beginners' courses.

Sector "Kokkina"

Source: A. Tsilogeorgis, Th. Chatzisyrlis
Photographs: Th. Chatzisyrlis
Translation: A. Tsilogeorgis
Published: 2003-05-01
Modified: 2017-12-31