Vardousia - Skorda Pitimalikou - NW. Face


Mixed, Traditional

The first ascent of the route "Aris" (II 2 M2, 400m) was realized on 12/3/1983 by A. Theodoropoulos - P. Sotiropoulos - G. Alexiadis - S. Apostolopoulos.

This line is amongst the most popular ones on the field, since many trainees or new climbers prefer it due to its low rate of difficulty as well as its easy approach. However, the route presents great variability of difficulty, which depends on the snow-coverage, a fact that is not frequently observed in other neighbouring routes. In general, the route involves two mixed passages, the second one of which is an overhanging cave (V+, 3m) that can be gained via a dihedral (85° - 90°, 3m) with good ice, found on the right side of the cave. In case that the snow-coverage is increased, then the route becomes a simple, continuous, not particularly difficult snow-gully.

Approach to the route involves traversing along the base of the crag and it requires about 25min from the big refuge. In order to return, after having completed the ascent of the route, one must descend Koprisies in order to meet and follow the footpath that leads from Profitis Ilias to the refuge; this will take about 1h. An alternative way to return is the steep descent via "Viragos" gully, which is to the left just after the exit of the route and which leads to the sheepfolds in about 25min.

Source: D. Karalis, Anevenontas i. 4
Translation: E. Katsikerou
Area: Vardousia
Published: 2006-08-06
Modified: 2011-05-27