Vardousia - Gioni To Plai - E. Face


Mixed, Traditional

The first ascent of the route "Dyskrasia" (III 5 M4, 250m) was realized on 8/1/2000 by D. Mpourazanis - G. Voutyropoulos - N. Voutyropoulos.

The line follows the pillar to the left of "Dis examartein".

The first repetition of this route was realized on 10/2/2001 by H. Mpelogiannis - L. Mandrou - G. Voutyropoulos, who also suggested rating it over at III M3.

Source: Anevenontas i. 9 - i. 13
Translation: E. Katsikerou
Area: Vardousia
Location: Gioni To Plai
Published: 2003-05-01
Modified: 2014-02-27