Olympos - Mytikas - NW. Face

Galani - Parousi

Rock, Traditional

The first ascent of the route "Galani - Parousi" (VI+ A2, 400m) was realized in 2003 by V. Galanis - E. Parousis.

The line moves to the left of the route "Michailidi - Zolota", which it meets after a difficult traverse, and then it follows its last pitches up to the summit. The quality of the rock is really bad, as there are too many loose and dangerous parts.

As to the necessary equipment, climbing this route requires a set of nuts, a few friends, a few pitons and slings. The length of some of the pitches is more than 50m, which makes the use of 60m ropes obligatory. Alternatively, one can set halfway belays.

Source: Korfes i. 166
Translation: E. Katsikerou
Editing: Routes.gr
Area: Olympos
Location: Mytikas
Published: 2003-05-01
Modified: 2011-05-27