Olympos - Mytikas - NW. Face


Rock, Traditional

The first ascent of the route "Stohos" (V-) was realized on 18/6/2000 by Z. Trompakas - P. Tsapatsaris on Tarpeia Petra of Mytikas.

The route, consisting of 3 pitches, starts from Kakoskala and ends at the summit of Tarpeia Petra. Although it is very well equipped, somewhere in the middle of the route there are some loose parts where climbers must be careful. The difficulty of the route moves within normal limits, while it is a pretty spectacular line, especially in the way it ends, with this vertical dihedral.

Returning involves downclimbing from the summit and through easy but quite exposed passages, down to the path which leads to Mytikas.

The first repetition of the route was realized on 17/9/2000 by D. Mousios - M. Thalassinos.

Source: Anevenontas i. 14
Translation: E. Katsikerou
Editing: Routes.gr
Area: Olympos
Location: Mytikas
Published: 2003-05-01
Modified: 2011-05-27