Climbing partner needed for 15/5 in Athens

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Climbing partner needed for 15/5 in Athens

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Επειδή η εγγραφή αργεί, αν είναι κάποιος διαθέσιμος ας επικοινωνήσει στο arik.levinshteyn παπάκι gmail τελεία com
ή +972-523220309
My name is Arik Levinshteyn and I'm an Israeli climber (my level is 6B in sport and 5+ Trad)

I'm coming on the 15th of may for one day in Athens and I would really like to climb in the Area close to the city (I have a long connection i land at 9:00 and departure at 23:00)...

I'll be really great full for help

thanks a lot
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